Gig Van Mobile Vehicle

Heavy Grass, ‘the loudest weed brand in the world,’ was looking to make a big impression within the growing marijuana industry. They needed a mobile vehicle to travel around to dispensaries and music festivals that was both visually intriguing and offering an authentic experience to their target consumer.


Heavy Grass wanted a distinct aesthetic that was a blend of ‘heavy metal’ and ‘70s stoner basement.’ We started with a 70s A-team style 1994 GMC Vandura and a custom-ordered 16’ trailer. We gutted the entire interior, replacing the teal velvet interior with jet black velvet and green leather piping accents. Repairs were made to damaged plastic panels, wiring replaced, and all wood pieces were refinished. The basement feel was achieved with black shag carpet, a custom center console with 8” TV, oak wall paneling, and an oak storage credenza. Green ash trays, a green lava lamp, and Heavy Grass grinders made it feel well worn.  


To inject the heavy metal feel, the custom oak credenza was filled with vintage heavy metal records and paired with a record player/8-track/cassette player. The old ceiling was removed, replaced with plywood, and covered with vintage metal concert posters; windows were blacked out with textured velvet glow-in-the-dark band posters. We added in a custom brand feature wall behind the seats, housing speakers as well as a 3D lasercut logo display with custom LED lighting and a collage of over 120 metal band patches. An actual durm kit floor tom was customized with a black velvet top to function as additional seating or a footrest for attendees.