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halo top branding Brass letters inlaid in ceramic hex tile
Westfield Century City, Topanga Canyon, and The Grove Retail Stores
Infinity Mirror
Ring Zoom
Halo Top storefront entrance logo
Photo moment with fiberglass ceiling
Channel letter lit sign and ceiling
Custom neon and ceramic tile wall
Illuminated menu sign with oak frame
Laser cut acrylic flavor signs
Brass letters inlaid in hex tile
Brass floor letters progress photo
Brass spoon brand logo pegboard wall
cnc acrylic brass drip detail glass
cast fiberglass ceiling detail view
waterjet logo stainless steel door
fiberglass cast panels process
Side View Full
Menu Front
H Mirror
Cups Mirror

Populate Creative prototyped, fabricated, and installed a full interior layout for Halo Top's second retail store at the Westfield Century City Mall in Los Angeles. We partnered with Studio My ID to translate their design into a built project, with a variety of custom pieces and high-end finishes.


Solid brass sheet, waterjet cut to inlay into hex tile, spells out brand messaging in the tile floor.  Over 200 brass spoons, with custom brass collars and stud attachments, sit in the pegboard wall panels to form the "H" logo. 


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